Gym Prankers

Gym Prankers

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《Gym Prankers》详细剧情

From: Reality Kings
Kali Roses, Logan Long
RK Prime
This year, we have a special April Fool’s treat for you! In this two-part series, we follow Kali Roses and Karlee Grey at the gym where they mercilessly prank innocent gym goers! We’re even releasing this early in case you need inspiration for your own April Fool’s shenanigans! In this first part, Kali teases her perky pierced tits while doing lat pull-down! Then, Karlee makes a guest appearance, working out her pecs until her top literally comes undone! Meanwhile, Kali has a special surprise waiting for the unsuspecting gym goers as they venture into the men’s locker room. Of course, all this sexy pranking gets Kali horny as fuck so, when she catches Logan Long coming out of the shower, she can’t keep her eyes off his boner and immediately gets down on her knees to suck his big cock! Then, he gives her what she has been craving by pounding her dripping wet pussy in the locker room! Don’t miss part two – featuring more Karlee Grey – coming out very soon!


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